Why North East Nepal

Kangchenjunga View

Mountains, Temples, Traditions

so much to immerse yourself in

Far away in the Eastern Himalayas, on the foothills of Kangchenjunga (the third highest mountain in the world), there is a village called Hangdewa – and your luxury holiday villa, Kangchenjunga View

Time has stood still here for centuries.

However, in the last few years we have a tarmacked road to the nearby town Taplejung (where there is a basic district hospital) and an airport above the village at Suketar (40 minutes drive). This means you can fly direct from Kathmandu or travel through the tea plantations by road from Bodrapur airport in the south….or from Darjeeling in the East. Even here, we are beginning to see changes, which is why now is the time to visit.

Traditions are all important.

Here the women wear ornate gold rings in their noses, time passes in traditions of festivals and farming, and people walking by call out ‘Namaste’. Bees buzz in and out of hives on house walls. Buffaloes plough fields. And children skip along paths between cardamom fields. The golden paddy fields give way to snow-capped mountains and holy Mount Kangchenjunga.

Festivals are important to a community where are more important than television, and the calendar is known by celebrations. Find out when.

This is prime trekking country and yet there is under-tourism.

Few people come as the road and airport are new, and yet our villa, Kangchenjunga View, sits on the path to Kangchenjunga Base Camp. 800 people a day leave for Everest Base Camp but only about 50 a year for Kangchenjunga base camp, only 262ms shorter than Everest! Of course, you can also wander around the village and environs – going for a good walk – whatever that means to you. A popular trip to Phungphunge waterfall is a once in a life-time experience popular with locals too. So, here you can experience sustainable tourism and immerse yourself in the Nepali way of life that few ‘outsiders’ will ever experience.

Spectacular views across mountains to relax with!

You can see further than most places on earth. The darkest of dark skies (and yes, we do have a large telescope) means you can stargaze in wonder. Imagine a cold beer on a balcony, with views across the mountains, from snow up high to the river below…. This is the tropics with sun in winter months and rain in the summer. Take your sunhat with you to lounge in a rocker with a book.

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The Community and their cultures.

Hangdewa is a safe and remote location with a close-knit community where everyone knows everyone. There are several groups who all live in harmony; yet this is ‘Limbu land’ and Limbus are proud of their language, traditions, foods, flamboyant outfits and dances and we will introduce you to families there. There are other groups: Gurungs or Tamangs, Hindus and Buddhists. There are cultural centres to visit a trek away, near the rhododendron valley and waterfalls and yet you can see the colourful houses, traditional clothes and everyday passtimes in your walks. ‘Sowero’ is Limbu for ‘Hello’ and that will grant you good traveller points!

With Buddhist and Hindu temples, you can experience some spiritual moments.

The Hindu temple on top of Mount Pathibhara above Hangdewa, all clad in bright flags and large bells and with sweet smelling offerings made to the gods, is a special trip to what is often claimed as the most important Hindu temple outside of India – and it is quite a hike! Near the airport is a Buddhist community with a brightly painted temple.

Sustainable tourism

means you will be welcomed to a comfortable yet low impact holiday – with all your money going to help the village and sustain schools for 237 students. Should you wish to, you can volunteer at the schools with a variety of activities to choose from as to how you might spend a few hours or longer. All children and their teachers speak English. Inward investment is trickling through but this is still one of the poorest parts of Asia. State education is very basic and job opportunities are few. Many families have their bread-winner in construction work in the Middle East and so it is often the women and older people who farm the land. They will be delighted to meet you and share their beautiful village with you – and they fully understand how they benefit from your holiday.

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