Before You Leave Home

Kangchenjunga View

Visas and Vaccinations

Our recommendations

You will need a visa for Nepal, usually available at the airport but you need to check before travelling. Likewise, vaccinations are advisable.

Packing List

Our recommendations

For You

Air tickets
Emergency contact details
Copies of above
Spare passport photos
Bum bag
Suitcase or back pack
Shoulder bag/ light day bag
Books / Kindle
Adapter electrical charger (international points in the Villa)
Head torch
2 pens and paper
Enable phone for Nepal
2 or 3 bank cards
Needle and thread
Plastic bags and 2 carrier bags
Emergency first aid incl anti diarrhoea
Sunscreen for face

Sun hat
Sun glasses
Sweets (boiled fruit)
Antiseptic hand wash
Wet ones
Shower gel
Wash bag
Clothes wash?
Walking boots/shoes and socks (2 pairs)
Sandals for walking
6 pairs underpants
At least 2 bras (optional!)
Modest nightwear
Flip flops
Layers eg cotton tops, walking shirts
Fleece for evening
Walking trousers or/and Bermudas
Something ‘smart but modest’
Waterproof jacket (and trousers if you have them) – optional in dry season
A musical instrument that you play

For Villagers

Some presents for people who invite you to meals eg Mars bars, packets of sweets, pencils, souvenir from your country (maybe as many as 10!)


For the Schools

Presents for the schools eg children’s and young people’s books, Lego sets, art materials, boxes of science experiments, old, (or even new!) usable lap tops (wiped) – if possible preloaded with educational materials, children’s tablets such as Amazon’ Fire Kids tablet (we have a few of the 7th edition).